I began carving roughly twenty years ago for two reasons - because the art form fascinated me and for relief from the stresses of work and the professional world. I am primarily self taught but initially took some classes to learn the basics and experience different methods. From chip carving to relief carving to caricatures and Santas,  I would work on projects as I had the time. I became fascinated by Wood Spirits and began to carve a few pieces on recycled hydro poles and pieces of wood that I found. 

The piece that I showed my wife. It did not start out to be half a face, but it actually became more interesting; you never know where the wood will take you. 

In November 2012 I found myself with more time on my hands due to corporate downsizing, and more time to wander the woods behind our house finding pieces of fallen wood that I found interesting.  Initially as a means once again of stress relief, I picked up my knives and began to carve. One day I came up from my shop with a piece to show my wife. “Did you know that you could do faces like that!?” she asked. My honest reply - “No!”  As I worked to hone my skills, the hours would fly by and with encouragement from family, friends and people who saw my work, Caygeon Wood Spirits was born. 

The learning never ends and I never know what will happen with a piece of wood when I begin to carve. I had never thought of myself as an artist and it has taken some doing to change my thinking. I find a great amount of satisfaction and pleasure in the joy that others express when they are contemplating the perfect piece for themselves or as a gift. 

Welcome to my world of happiness --

 I truly hope that you can enjoy my work on this web site and I look forward to any comments that you might have.