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I was introduced to this exciting new medium while participating at a weekend art show where my neighbouring artist had amazingly fanciful creations.  The process intrigued me and I wondered how I might be able to incorporate it into my carving business. We became good friends over the weekend and she too was curious as to how we could combine the two art forms.

A few months later found myself, my wife, our daughter and two dogs making the trip to her studio for an intensive week of creation and discovery. I was so taken by it that I wanted to go further and both my wife and I became certified Paverpol teachers. Wood carving is a creative endeavour so I found this to be a natural fit. I loved the idea that I could create art from natural fabrics like old t-shirts and recycled bits and pieces of found curiosities.  

Put it all together and voila! You can create interesting, fun and decorative pieces that can be used in the home or garden.  And the craziest thing about it?? Once it dries it is as hard as a rock. Now that's cool!


So What is This Stuff??  

Paverpol is an eco-friendly, non-toxic textile hardener that can be used to harden natural fabrics, leather, paper, silk flowers, clay, moss - all kinds of things. I am now even using it to strengthen the small ladders that I build for my Fairy Houses.  

You are only bound by your imagination and the possibilities are endless. Come to one of my workshops, and the next thing you know, you too will be creating your very own Art Sculpture. The figures pictured above were created by students in one of our classes.  

Be sure to check out our upcoming workshops and let's explore your creativity together.

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