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With the exception of my ornaments, all of the carvings are done on old cedar rails or fallen wood that I have found while walking in the woods behind our home or on wood scouting expeditions at the property of friends.  It may have cracks or knots in it - sometimes only uncovered once I begin to carve - and this is one of the things that help to make each individual piece of wood so interesting.    


The size and shape of the wood will often dictate whether it will become a Wood Spirit, a Fairy House, or a face of another kind.  I enjoy seeing the character that begins to emerge while I carve and it is this character that seems to draw people to a particular piece.  


There may be some similarities, but every one is unique and one of a kind. They look terrific both inside or out in the garden or on a wall or table. Commissions are welcome and I will work with you to determine what it is you are looking for and an approximate cost.  I have also had people bring me interesting pieces of wood that they already have, with requests to turn it in to a Fairy House or Wood Spirit. Anything is possible with no limit to the imagination


I have posted a few of my carvings below for your viewing. Inquiries about custom work are always welcome.


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